Thane Roberts is a Santa Monica based architect who established his firm in 1981 following a two-year partnership with Fred Fisher and professional experience in the offices of Studio Works and Moshe Safdie.  He holds a Master’s degree in architecture from UCLA. Roberts and has taught at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and with the UCLA Urban Innovations Group. In 1995, Roberts co-founded the firm Kanner/Roberts for the design of both commercial and residential projects.

In 1996 he sold his architectural firm and bought a 45’ sailboat to pursue his childhood dream of sailing around the world. Nine years and 30,000 miles later, he returned home with a renewed vision and purpose. The vision was inspired by his voyage through the most remote islands of the Pacific where community’s seamless relationship with nature and each other was a matter of survival. His intent was to create a home environment that would engender this same connection to nature and community.  


In 2012, his family moved into the "Meridian House". He refers to the design style of the house as “evo-tecture”— a design process that emphasizes “connection” over privacy, leading to stronger individuals, families and communities … and hopefully a better world.  He designed the house with the hope that it would in turn enhance his new life ashore.

Since then, Roberts has opened his own office to focus on residential projects with an emphasis on the integration of architecture, the environment and human ecology in a contemporary style. 

Thane Roberts Architect
Santa Monica, CA